FluentU – Learn a new language with real-world videos

FluentU is another great web app for everyone learning a new language using videos. The free account gives you access to rich and well organized library of videos, all of them with their respective transcripts. Once you indicate your level of the target language, a list of suggested videos to practice your vocabulary appears. When you select the video the whole list of words appear below and you can use the visual definition of the word, some useful example sentences and its pronunciation. After that you can watch the video and see the words in action under the video as a transcription, which is great to see the use of vocabulary, grammar and use of english in real world situations. Then you can practice the word that you select using short exercises like fill in the gaps, multiple choice and writing, among others. Another great feature of FluentU is that you can create your own set of flashcards for more practice and to keep record of your progress. Although, this option is not as complete as Quizlet. An introductory video with its most important characteristics.

There are lots of advantages of using videos to learn a new language or practice, one of the most important deals with the chance to hear and see real world content, this gives the user the ability to increase their engagement with the language. You also get rid of the structured dialogues presented in the textbooks that in most cases are quite hard to listen in real situations. Using the web player of FluentU you can follow the transcript, practice, repeat and continue until you learn. According to the people behind FluentU the company is in charge to select the best videos from the web mostly based on authentic material.  They also provide the following assumptions:

  1. Individualized scaffolding: FluentU makes language learning easy by teaching new words with vocabulary students already know.

  2. Mastery Learning: FluentU sets students up for success by making sure they master the basics before moving on to more advanced topics.

  3. Gamification: FluentU incorporates the latest game design mechanics to make learning fun and engaging.

  4. Personalization: Each student’s FluentU experience is unlike anyone else’s. Video clips, examples, and quizzes are picked to match their vocabulary and interests.

There are, of course, some limitations of this technology and most of them deal with the content itself. Its is good in the basic level but quite limited in the more advanced levels and some other features that are unique for the premium plans. Mobile applications are still in development and the need to be always connected to enjoy the contents is also another limitation. In the end FluentU wants to be a Learning Management System (LMS) with unique features to differentiate from the existing software and web based apps, but it is just starting.

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