myBrainshark – Add voice to your presentations

myBrainshark is a very useful cloud-based tool for teachers and students as well, that allows you to enrich your PowerPoint presentations with voice, narrate a document, do video presentations, make a photo album with your voice and even produce a podcast, and all of these for free.

There are tons of different ways in which you can use myBrainshark with your students, for example you can help your students to:

  • practice and improve their speaking skills.
  • make all students to participate, including those that are too shy to do it in a face to face escenario.
  • promote autonomous learning.
  • give feedback to their classmates and promote collaboration.
  • improve their listening skills with authentic material, watching others presentations.
  • give a space for reflection.
  • create a digital portfolio.

All of these activities helps you to create a new classroom environment known as “flipped classroom” which is a form of blended learning and can help you to save a huge amount of classroom time. So your students can concentrate on applying, rather than simply receiving ideas in class. With more time the teacher can have a better understanding of every learner and the way they are learning, paying attention to most of their needs and motivate them to continue making progress.

As mentioned before with the help of this tool you also offer students the opportunity to reflect on their learning, practise their speaking or listening skills and reduce the anxiety that they experiment in every assessment, helping them to gain confidence and progress.

For teachers myBrainshark can be an excellent opportunity to experiment with the virtual classroom environment, as they can complement their presentations with their own voice and in that way engage in a different way with all the participants.

There are of course some limitations for this tools, like all the time necessary to learn, create and polish your presentations, other presentation tools, such as Slideshare, Prezi or Presentme, the lack of a mobile application and also that it is mostly oriented to business, so it can be a little bit difficult to find educational topics, which it has been solved as many educator are using this tool.

To learn more about myBrainshark you can see the following introductory video by Russell Stannard:

And finally I invite you to see one of my examples in the following link:

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “myBrainshark – Add voice to your presentations

  1. This software rocks, Manuel. I find it particularly useful to give explanations of, for instance, grammatical points without having to use class-time or even to support what you do in class. Super-interactive. Just loved it.


  2. Manuel the link at the end of your blog that led to your “my Brainshark” presentation made me realize just how powerful this tool is. It is late at night but yet I stayed focused throughout the presentation which is hardly what I can claim for the written part of the blog (due solely to my fatigue). Again, I can’t exactly explain this to you without sounding (a bit) weird, but listening to a familiar persons’ recording (yours=teachers) reminded me of my “one on one” private tutoring feedback sessions back in Greece.If you add to this equation the multi-modal input with the power point keeping the focus and your voice pitches providing the necessary emphasis, well then you have a very good tool for homework revision -summary , consolidation or flipped classroom tool. There are some very strong ideas in this blog, however I am wondering myself how or if this tool can in fact be “coupled” with other tools to achieve a seamless, linear lesson plan which is characterised by smooth transitions and a high levels of classroom dynamics.

    P.S by the way, you have a squeaky chair mate!


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