Duolingo for Schools brings the language learning platform into the classroom

Duoling for schools

Duolingo has introduced a new platform designed specifically for use in schools that promises to make it easier for teachers to keep up with students’ language learning progress.

If you don’t know anything about Duolingo take a look at the following video:

Last year Duolingo Test Center was launched under the promise to certify the level of proficiency in the target language, and now the company behind one of the most popular language learning apps of the world is giving us Duolingo for Schools, which is the company’s first formal steps to work into the classroom.

In this way Duolingo is now present not only as quite simple and easy to use application to learn at your own on every a handheld device or your web-browser, but also as a companion system that will let teachers to track their students progress., helping them to highlight where a student is having more problems.

The words use by the company’s co-funderLuis von Ahn were:

“The goal is to provide a personalized learning experience that gives each student and instructor immediate feedback in the classroom. This can free up teachers’ time to concentrate on difficult concepts, answer questions, and assist students falling behind,”

With this new application the parent can also be involved in the process of learning of their children, participating in an active way allowing them to see the progress of every class and which lessons have been completed with specific and clear reports.

Duolingo continues to be an excellent option and the company is really concern of continue being the leader of the language learning mobile apps. The constant evolution of their products is also being tested by some governments and teacher around the globe.

For an excellent review of Duolingo follow this link:


Finally take a look at Duolingo for schools: https://schools.duolingo.com/


3 thoughts on “Duolingo for Schools brings the language learning platform into the classroom

  1. Many thanks for this tip. I believe anything that is fairly good and free can only be an advantage to enhance the skills of our learners. I’ll definitely try to incorporate it to my teaching.


  2. I really enjoyed your rationale and specifically how you illustrated the evolution of Duolingo into a monitoring – administrative platform or tool for teachers. The only thing I am really worried about is the “future” of Duolingo. In more simple words, amidst numerous great platforms announcing that they are closing down, what happens after Duolingo has created a huge audience and has standardised teaching procedures. Will it then announce that it is not free anymore? In the mean time, I really do agree with your comments that this platform can free up teacher time by offering “good services”.


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